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My book, Functional Programming in Scala, uses Scala as a vehicle for teaching FP. Read what people are saying about it.

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Is tech adoption really that random? A VHS vs Betamax redux!

I worry a bit that people are adopting an overly fatalist perspective on tech adoption. This perspective has become almost a reflex–we can’t possibly know or predict what technology will end up being widely adopted and often the “worse” technology wins, so just don’t even try!


A happier angle on internet debates about programming tech

I’ve been contemplating internet debates and discussions on programming technology and I think the music composers really have the right idea:


Learning how to make a thing learnable is harder than learning it

Here’s something pretty crazy: there are around 10^28 atoms in the human body. An astromically tiny percentage of arrangements of 10^28 atoms in 3D space correspond to a viable human. Most arrangements of atoms would just melt into a puddle!


Learning without a gradient (part 1)

Learning using gradient-based methods is a lot like trying to find the top of Mount Everest starting from a random point on earth, while blindfolded, by repeatedly sampling only the altitude and slope of the ground you’re standing on, and then using that information to decide where to teleport next.


What is really the root cause of the event-stream vulnerability?

I was trying to make sense of the event-stream vulnerability. My take: